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  1. Indian Cuisine
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photo by HemRaj Thakur

1 cups black lentils
black lentils Husked Black gram are small black and narrow lentils and a bit cylindrical in shape. On removing the skin of the black gram white beans are obtained which are then either boiled or eaten as a whole. It is cultivated and used only in India. It is very popular in...
  • Dhuli Urad Daal
3 pieces Green chilli
Green chilli Green chilli is the raw and fresh form of green chilli and is the most common ingredient in south-Asian dishes. It has hot peppery taste and is used to add spicy zing in the savory dishes and salads. It is also made into pickle....
  • Hari Mirchi
    (हरी मिर्च)
4 pieces Black pepper
Black pepper Black pepper refers to sun dried peppercorn. Black pepper is primarily used as a spice or seasoning that mixes well with salt. Black pepper has strong flavor and aroma and is an essential culinary spice. ...
  • kaalee mirch
    (काली मिर्च)
9 pieces curry leaves
curry leaves Curry leaves most common use is to add flavor and aroma to the dish. It is generally added to the dish while tempering. Curry leaves is very much common in south-Asian households and is used in dishes like rasam, poha, kadhi....
  • kadi patta
1 table spoon Ginger
Ginger Ginger is a hot, fragrant kitchen spice. It is an edible root which can be consumed as a delicacy, medicine or spice. It has a strong aromatic flavor and spicy taste that has been used since ancient times in Indian and Chinese cuisines. ...
  • Jengibre
  • Sal
  • Adrak
1 teaspoons salt
Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
  • sal
  • Sal
  • namak
1 Coconut Oil ( for frying )
coconut oil Coconut Oil is obtained from the kernel of matured coconuts from the coconut palm. It is an edible oil. It has been the primary source of diet for a lot of people all around the globe for various years. This oil is extremely easily available and had miscellaneous benefits attached...
  • El aceite de coco
  • Sal
  • nariyal tel
coconut chutney ...
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    Lives in : New Delhi India I am an IT professional living in delhi and at leasure I leave my IT skills aside and try to mess around my kitchen. Cooking helps me relax.


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    • Prep:
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    Vade is also known as wada . It is a savory fritter-type snack from South India.
    • Wash & soak the urad dal in water for at least 2 hours

    • Drain and add the green chillies, curry leaves, pepper and ginger to the dal. Grind this mixture to form a smooth batter, adding a little water.

    • Add the salt, stir well & distribute the mixture into 8 equal segments. Keep it aside.

    • Soak your hand and take a segment of the mixture. Form a hole in the centre with your thumb.

    • Heat some oil in a cooking pot and drop the vada in the oil.

    • Deep-fry the vada till both the sides turn golden-brown in colour.

    • Repeat the same with the remaining batter to cook 7 more vadas.

    • Drain on a paper towel.

    • Serve hot.

    Recipe notes

    Best served with sambhar and coconut chutney

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