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Three Layer Dessert - Crumble with Blueberry yogurt and Jelly

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photo by Mansi Malhotra

Quick Crumble
12 pieces MarieGold Biscuits
    1.5 teaspoons Pistachio nut
    Pistachio nut Pistachio nut is a crunchy, flavorful, delicious nut loaded with savory flavor. The nut is enclosed in a not so hard shell. It is small in side and the skin layer is generally light green in color. It is eaten raw, salted, sweetened and roasted. Pistachio nut is also used...
    • Pistacho
    • Sal
    • pista
      (पिस्ता )
    1 teaspoons cinnamon powder
    cinnamon powder Cinnamon powder is derived grinding the inner bark of a tropical tree. It is commonly used in sweet dishes such as doughnuts and apple pie and savory dishes such as in lamb, chicken. Cinnamon powder is commonly used in beverages such as tea, coffee, smoothies and juices to add...
    • dal chini
    120 grams Butter
    Butter It is a solid dairy product made by churning fresh and fermented cream or milk . It contains butterfat , milk proteins and water . It is used as spreading on bread , seasoning on cooked vegetables , in baking , sauce making and pan frying . It remains solid...
    • mantequilla
    • Sal
    • Makhan
    1 teaspoons Cardamom powder
    Cardamom powder Cardamom are large brown or small green pods filled with small aromatic seeds. It is grind to make a fine powder which is then used to flavor savory and sweet drinks and dishes....
    • ilaayachee paudar
      ( इलायची पाउडर)
    1 packet jelly
    jelly Jelly is a type of fruit preserve technique. It is very similar to jam, but has more translucent look. Any one or various types of fruits can be used in preparation of jelly. Jelly generally has sweet-sour taste and is mostly eaten alone or as bread-spread, filling, topping....
      Fruits of choice Flavored Yogurt
      2 cups hung curd
      hung curd Hanging curd is a process by which whey gets completely drained from the curd. A muslin cloth is used to carry out this process. Hung curd is used in many Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Shrikhand is a very popular South Indian dish and is made of hung curd using...
      • Chakka Dahi
      1 handful blueberry
      blueberry Blueberry is the second most consumed berry after strawberry. It is used in preparation of jams, jellies, syrup, desserts such as pie, cake. One can also toss it in the breakfast cereal and fruit salad. It has a sweet-sour taste....
        0 handful Milk
        Milk Milk is like base of all majorly all the dairy products like curd, cheese, butter, cream, condensed milk, powdered milk and yogurt. It also acts as a base ingredient for many desserts such as ice-cream, custard and beverages like shakes....
        • leche
        • Sal
        • doodh
        About The Chef
        Lives in : Jaipur India Entrepreneur by profession, writer by choice and food fanatic by accident.

        Three Layer Dessert - Crumble with Blueberry yogurt and Jelly

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        Simple to prepare while it looks and tastes quite exquisite, especially for those who love a quick crumble and blueberries!
        Quick Crumble
        • In a grinder, grind Marigold biscuits finely.

        • Add grated pistachio, cinnamon powder and cardamom powder to the biscuits.

        •  Using soft butter, mix the batter well. It should be lumpy (and not like a dough .)

        Flavored Yogurt
        • Take hung curd and add fruit fillings of your choice. Preferably use strawberry or blueberry filling.

        • Mix curd well with the fillings. Add a little milk, to smoothen it out.

        • Put it in fridge to cool.

        • I use packed Jelly by Weikfield usually. Prepare as per the instructions on the pack.

        • Chop fruits of your choice for garnishing. The quantity of fruit you wish to use is completely variable and as per your choice. You can just use some on the top for garnishing or lay them in between.

        • You can serve in glasses or as a dish.

        • Roll some chocolate sauce inside the glass.

        • Add a layer of biscuits at the bottom of the glass and use a spoon to settle it down.

        • Top the yogurt with jelly and some fruits.

        Garnishing Ideas
        • You can use some syrup on the top and add some finely chopped dry fruits.
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        Review by Anoop Kumar Trivedi Posted 04 Aug, 2015
        nice one