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Thandai Churros with Kesar Rabri

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  1. Indian Desserts
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photo by Trisha Rudra

For the Churros:
All Purpose flour ...
  • bahu - uddeshyeey aata
    (बहु - उद्देश्यीय आटा)
2 tablespoons Butter
Butter It is a solid dairy product made by churning fresh and fermented cream or milk . It contains butterfat , milk proteins and water . It is used as spreading on bread , seasoning on cooked vegetables , in baking , sauce making and pan frying . It remains solid...
  • mantequilla
  • Sal
  • Makhan
2 pieces egg
egg A large range of animals know as Oviparous animals lay eggs to bread. Humans and other animals have eaten eggs as a sauce of protein rich food for generations. In culinary today the egg of a chicken is the most accept relation to the general word egg. Egg is...
  • huevo
  • Sal
  • anda
2 tablespoons powdered or crushed nuts
    2 tablespoons Caster sugar
    Powdered sugar
    Also known as : Caster sugar
    Powdered sugar is very fine sugar. One can easily make it at home by grinding the normal sugar in mixer or with the help or grinder. Powdered sugar is also known as icing sugar and is used mostly in desserts as ingredient or as topping mixed with cream....
    • Pissi hui cheeni
    1/4 cups Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar Brown sugar is granulated sugar, generally less granulated than white sugar ....
      pinch salt
      Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
      • sal
      • Sal
      • namak
      For the Rabri:
      1/2 cups mawa grated
      Milk Solid
      Also known as : mawa
      The commonly known name for mild solid is prepared when the butter is extracted out of the whole and the residue which is pure solid milk and can be used to prepare sweets. Its majorly used in Indian sweets....
      • Khoya
      1 tablespoon Saffron
      Saffron Saffron is derived from the dried stigmas of the purple Saffron flower. It takes about sixteen thousand flowers to yield 1 pound or 453 grams of Saffron. In culinary strands or threads of saffron are used to boost aroma, color and nutritional properties of food. It is known to be...
      • Sal
      • kesar
      2 tablespoons sugar
      sugar Sugar is small, sweet, grainy white cubes which is used in many beverages and dishes to add sweet flavor. Now a days many types of sugar can be found in market, it can be of white or brown color....
      • cheeni
      3 tablespoons Condensed milk
      Condensed milk Condensed milk is a high fat product obtained by removing water and adding sugar in the milk. It is commonly used in desserts. ...
      • leche condensada
      1 tablespoon Almond
      Almond Almond is available all year round and it is consumed all over the world. Almond is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Roast, fry, powder or blanch it for different flavor. Various dishes use almonds such as stew, curry, pie, cake, brownie, cookie, smoothies, etc. ...
      • almendra
      • Badaam
        ( बादाम)
      almond flakes Almond flakes are the thin slices of almond. It is generally used to garnish the dishes or to add nutty flavor to it. Almond flakes can also be added to the batter of cake, brownies or cookies....
        About The Chef
        Lives in : Kolkata India "Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." Hmmm… as most people would say, I’m completely predictable and also completely crazy at times. Attraction towards the arts and crafts has always been a part of my hobbies. There are some mottos that I have in life. One being, To give my best in whatever I do. The other being, To accept life as it comes.

        Thandai Churros with Kesar Rabri

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        Some combinations must never be experimented upon they said....but I never listened. Tsk, tsk....bad me! So I experimented, and made these on a whim, as usual  because you don't really need a reason to eat good food, right?

        Thandai Churros with Kesar Rabri..... a pre-Diwali treat for Mom & Dad, for all that they do for me
        • Sieve the flour in a large bowl and keep aside. In a saucepan, heat 1 cup of water.

        • To this, add the softened butter and sugar, and let dissolve.

        • Don't let it come to a boil. Add the salt, and whisk...and when you see the butter and sugar have dissolved, add the flour and thandai powder or crushed nuts (a mixture of crushed almonds, cashews, pistachios) Switch off the heat. With a quick hand, whisk the flour in

        • ..or use a heavy spatula and mix until well combined.

        • The flour will start clumping and leaving the sides of the saucepan

        • Pour it into the bowl, and let it cool to room temp.

        • Once the flour mixture has cooled, add one egg and whisk, either with a hand whisk or electric beater. When combined, add the second egg and whisk again.

        • Don't worry if the mixture is pasty... pour it into a piping bag with a star-nozzle attached at the tip.

        • Pipe out about 3 inch-sized churros on to a parchment-lined tray, and chill the churros for about 15 mins in the freezer.

        • (this is a step I saw on Tasty..)As the churros chill, prepare the rabri. Heat a deep-bottomed pan, and add the crumbled khoya. As it melts, add the saffron-used milk, sugar, condensed milk, crushed nuts or thandai powder, and mix. Let the rabri thicken, and come to a boil. Take it off the heat, and pour into a serving bowl. Garnish and keep aside.

        • Now heat a deep-bottomed pan/pot with oil, enough to deep fry the churros.

        • Keeping heat on medium, take out the churros from the chiller and gently peel them off the parchment paper and slide into the hot oil.

        • Fry on medium-high heat until one side is golden, and then flip if needed...

        • Take out on to a napkin-lined plate. Repeat process until all the churros are fried. Before serving, roll them in a plate of brown sugar & ground up almonds mixture.

        • Serve with rabri.

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