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Sabudana vada

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photo by Mehak Miglani

Main Ingredients
1 cup Sago
Also known as : rabia, couscous
sago is the starchy extracts of the stems of various palm trees. Sago are white small size balls and are eaten after it is soaked in water for hours. It is cooked there after and then eaten in boiled , fried or semi fried forms. It is a staple...
  • sabudana
1 cup Yogurt
Yogurt Yogurt is a thick white semi solid outcome produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Available commercially worldwide, yogurt is loaded with a lot of nutrients thus making it a super healthy ingredient. A lot of varieties and variations to the basic yogurt are also available. Yogurt is also loved...
  • Sal
  • Dahi
chopped onions Onion that is been cut into very tiny pieces is known as chopped onion. ...
    1/2 cup rice flour
    rice flour It is made from finely milled rice . It is gluten free and a good substitute of wheat flour . It is staple in Japanese dishes, Thai dishes and many south Indian dishes. ...
    • chaaval ka aata
      (चावल का आटा)
    0.9 pints cooking oil
    cooking oil Cooking Oil refers to a variety of edible oils that are used in culinary for shallow frying or deep frying. ...
      1/2 cups Roasted peanuts
      Roasted peanuts ...
        as per taste Green chili
        Green chili Green chilli is the raw and fresh form of green chilli and is the most common ingredient in south-Asian dishes. It has hot peppery taste and is used to add spicy zing in the savory dishes and salads. It is also made into pickle....
        • Hari Mirchi
          (हरी मिर्च)
        Coriander leaves Coriander leaves also known as cilantro are tender, aromatic and absolutely green in color. They add a unique freshness and flavor to the recipes and are added raw once the recipe is completely prepared, as heat spoils the flavor and aroma of the leaves. Coriander leaves are loved as a...
        • Sal
        • Hara Dhaniya
          ( हरा धनिया)
        1 teaspoon lemon juice
        lemon juice Lemon juice is the juice extract after squeezing the lemon. Keeping it for long makes it bitter.Lemon grows on a small evergreen tree native to Asia. It is a big, yellow color fruit with a juicy flesh. Lemon has a sour taste and is easily available everywhere. It is used...
        • Nimbu ka ras
          (नींबू का रस)
        1 teaspoon Ginger paste
        Ginger paste Ginger paste has a pungent and a slightly spicy taste. It is a widely used ingredient across the world, especially in Asia. The paste has a creamy or light brownish color and a pungent aroma. Ginger paste is often used in making marinades, soups, fries, ginger juice and many other...
        • adarak ka pest
          (अदरक का पेस्ट)
        1 teaspoon cumin seeds
        cumin seeds Cumin is used as whole as well as grounded form in a lot of cuisines. Cumin are tiny packed with a sharp flavor .Cumin is the major ingredient in Indian cuisine and used worldwide....
        • comino
        • Jeera
        2 potato
        potato Potatoes are most integral part of vegetable supply in the world .They are starchy and tuberous with high water content. They are of various shape and size . They can be baked, boiled, fried, roasted , steamed, mashed, placed in salads ,with or without the peel . it...
        • la patata
        • Sal
        • aalu
        as per taste salt
        Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
        • sal
        • Sal
        • namak
        About The Chef
        Lives in : Delhi India In my daily routine I prefer to cook simple compositions. I am one of those for whom food is the healing tool! More than cooking I like to learn about various cuisines and how they have evolved over time and trust me it’s really intriguing!

        Sabudana vada

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        This dish is consumed frequently during the hindu fasting days and Navratra season. In the Maharashtrian culture it is served on Dussehra or Vijayadashami. Apart from these occasions, Sabudana vada is also served as a high tea snack specially during monsoons.
        Main Preperation Steps
        • Begin by soaking the sabudana in yogurt for about 2 hours. It will become more than double in size after soaking and when you press between your fingers it should mash easily.

        • Take sabudana, boiled potatoes, coarsely ground peanuts, ginger paste, green chilies, cilantro, cumin seeds, salt and lemon juice in a bowl.

        • Mix them well. Make a ball shaped dough from this mixture.

        • Begin heating oil in a deep pan ( kadhai ) . Continue with the process of making the dough into small tikkis and keep them aside.

        • Once the oil is hot enough for frying slide the vada carefully into the kadhai. Do not fry more than 3-4 vadas each time.

        • Take out the vadas on an absorbent paper, you may use tissue papers also. This helps in absorbing the excess oil.

        • Serve hot with coconut or mint chutney.

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