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Mutton Rogan Josh

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photo by Trisha Rudra

1 kilogram Mutton
Also known as : Goat meat
Mutton is generally referred to the meat of a full grown goat. When cooked properly it has a succulent, rich flavor and is soft and juicy to chew. It is a widely consumed red meat. Perfect cooking process may make or break a mutton dish. Slow cooking is the best...
  • carne de cordero
  • bhede ka maans
    (भेड़े का मांस)
4 level tablespoon Frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert. It is made of yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. It comes in a lot of flavors and is creamy and delicious. ...
  • Helado de yogurt
1 level tablespoon asafoetida
asafoetida Asafoetida is the dried powdered resin of Ferula herb and most commonly used while tempering the dish, with a strong flavor and aroma, with a savory taste. It is mostly found in Asia and is mostly blended with other spices to drizzle of curry beans, stews and lamp chops. We...
  • hing
2 pinches of salt cinnamon powder
cinnamon powder Cinnamon powder is derived grinding the inner bark of a tropical tree. It is commonly used in sweet dishes such as doughnuts and apple pie and savory dishes such as in lamb, chicken. Cinnamon powder is commonly used in beverages such as tea, coffee, smoothies and juices to add...
  • dal chini
6-8 cloves
cloves Cloves are dried flowers buds in the shape of a nail. They have an intense perfumed flavor. They can be used ground or whole in desserts, drinks, pickles, soup, stew, curry and casseroles....
  • clavos
  • Sal
  • laung
Dried red chili Dried red chili is the dry form of red chili, and is generally sun-dried. Red chili can be used in its actual form to add flavor to the dish while tempering or is used in powder form to add spicy flavor to the savory dishes....
  • sukhie laal mirch
    (सूखी लाल मिर्च)
5-6 pieces Black pepper
Black pepper Black pepper refers to sun dried peppercorn. Black pepper is primarily used as a spice or seasoning that mixes well with salt. Black pepper has strong flavor and aroma and is an essential culinary spice. ...
  • kaalee mirch
    (काली मिर्च)
4 pieces Cardamoms
    2 pieces Bay leaf
    Bay leaf Bay leaf is used in its dry form. It has a strong aroma and flavor and is generally used while tempering the dish. Bay leaf is used to flavor rice, soups, stew. ...
    • tej patta
    1 heap tablespoon kashmiri red chili powder
    kashmiri red chili powder ...
      3 heap teaspoon fennel seed
      fennel seed
      Also known as : Aniseeds
      Aniseed is an aromatic,flavorsome seed with a same look of fennel but bigger. It is used in whole and powdered form in sweet and savory dishes, like Orange scones & Pastis. It is also used to add flavor in various liquors (like Pernod) and is cultivated in the Mediterranean, the...
      • Sal
      • Saunf
      1 and 1/2 heap tablespoon ginger powder
      ginger powder Ginger powder is an essential ingredient in Indian dishes. In India it is known as 'sonth' powder' and is used to add strong flavor to the dish. The most common use of ginger powder is in tea and other beverages. The benefit of ginger powder is that it is available...
      • Sauth powder
      1 heap teaspoon Garam Masala Powder
      Garam Masala Powder You may call Garam masala as the essence of countless Indian dishes and a typical kitchen essential of Indian households. This earthy mix of spices consists of finely grounded ingredients namely cumin, coriander seeds, bay leaf, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, mace and nutmeg. This mix may vary a bit...
      • garam masaala paudar
        (गरम मसाला पाउडर)
      as per taste salt
      Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
      • sal
      • Sal
      • namak
      1 cups Yogurt
      Yogurt Yogurt is a thick white semi solid outcome produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Available commercially worldwide, yogurt is loaded with a lot of nutrients thus making it a super healthy ingredient. A lot of varieties and variations to the basic yogurt are also available. Yogurt is also loved...
      • Sal
      • Dahi
      1 cups Mustard oil
      Mustard oil Mustard oil is a staple oil used in many south-Asian households, but the popularity of the oil in kitchen is decreasing due to its strong aroma. In India it is used to get a slight mustard taste to the food. It is popular in the traditional Bengali dishes....
      • sarson ka tel
      About The Chef
      Lives in : Kolkata India "Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." Hmmm… as most people would say, I’m completely predictable and also completely crazy at times. Attraction towards the arts and crafts has always been a part of my hobbies. There are some mottos that I have in life. One being, To give my best in whatever I do. The other being, To accept life as it comes.

      Mutton Rogan Josh

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      I know there are several variations of Rogan Josh- Kashmiri Pundit or Hindu style, the Persian Muslim style, restaurant and dhaba style, etc. This variation suited me best. hope you guys like it.
      • 1.Wash the mutton and marinate with the 4 tbsp yogurt and 2 tbsp of Mustard oil. Overnight works best but 3 to 4 hours will do as well.

      • 2.Heat a thick-bottomed kadhai and pour in the Mustard oil.

      • 3.Let it smoke and add the bay leaf, clove, peppercorns, green and black cardamom and cinnamon.

      • 4.Once they turn fragrant, tip in the mutton pieces.

      • 5.Mix the asafoetida powder in a spoonful of water and pour it in.

      • 6.Add the fennel and sonth powders, and salt.

      • 7.Fry the mutton until they turn golden. This might take about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on meat.

      • 8.Whisk the yogurt with red chili powder and garam masala and keep ready.

      • 9.Add a splash of water into the hot kadhai, deglazing it, and then gently, pour in half the whisked yogurt.

      • 10.Still well, mixing the meat with the yogurt.

      • 11.Repeat this step until the entire yogurt is incorporated into the meat.

      • 12.Check salt, add if required, and then pour in 2 cups of water or enough to cover meat entirely.

      • 13.Put a lid on the meat and let this cook for about 2 hours on a low flame, or until meat is tender. (Took about 40 mins for me)

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