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  1. Indian Cuisine
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photo by Muskan Goswami

4 cups Milk
Milk Milk is like base of all majorly all the dairy products like curd, cheese, butter, cream, condensed milk, powdered milk and yogurt. It also acts as a base ingredient for many desserts such as ice-cream, custard and beverages like shakes....
  • leche
  • Sal
  • doodh
2 table spoon lime juice
lime juice Lime is less sour than lemon and the same goes with lime juice. It is used to add sweet-sour flavor to various dishes and its most popular use is in cocktails....
    1/2 cups sugar
    sugar Sugar is small, sweet, grainy white cubes which is used in many beverages and dishes to add sweet flavor. Now a days many types of sugar can be found in market, it can be of white or brown color....
    • cheeni
    1/4 teaspoons Ghee
    Ghee Tracing its roots to ancient India, Ghee is a vital element of the Indian culinary. A traditional Indian dish or dessert essentially contains Ghee. It has a rich, nutty like aromatic flavor. Also at times Ghee is added to a dish or dessert once it is cooked and ready to...
    • Ghee
    1/2 teaspoons Water
    Water Water is a universally used ingredient, available all around us. In cooking its best to use fresh filter water. Visible Impurities in water can easily be identified by seeing it inside a glass or bottle in front of a well lit background. Water is used to moist, boil or cook...
    • agua
    • Sal
    • pani
    8 pieces Pistachio nut
    Pistachio nut Pistachio nut is a crunchy, flavorful, delicious nut loaded with savory flavor. The nut is enclosed in a not so hard shell. It is small in side and the skin layer is generally light green in color. It is eaten raw, salted, sweetened and roasted. Pistachio nut is also used...
    • Pistacho
    • Sal
    • pista
      (पिस्ता )
    About The Chef
    Lives in : New Delhi India A lot of things fascinate me. Food, travel, photography and writing are some to name.
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    Its an amazingly tasty Indian sweet and is very simple to make.
    • Add 2 cups of milk in a vessel and once it reaches the boiling consistency lower the flame, continue heating til the milk reduces to almost 1 and a quarter cup.

    • Meanwhile boil the remaining 2 cups of milk in a vessel and once when it comes to boil, add the lemon juice mixed with 1 tsp of water.

    • Now you can see that the water starts separating.

    • Once the milk has curdled switch off the flame to avoid over coking and drain with a clean muslin cloth.

    • Wash this nicely in running tap water. This step is to get rid of the sour taste of the lemon in the paneer.

    • Add this paneer to the boiling milk and mix well and, keep the flame low.

    • Now add sugar and cardamom powder to this and mix well.

    • Saute it nicely, till the moisture leaves and this become a whole mass.

    • This may take 10-15 minutes.

    • Grease a plate with ghee and keep aside.

    • Once the milk and paneer's combo turns into a mass, transfer this mass to this greased plate.

    • Keep the plate in refrigerator for half an hour.

    • Take it out, it must be settled by now.

    • Cut it into square pieces and garnish it with pistachios and serve.

    Recipe notes

    You can even heat it for a few seconds in microwave and then serve.

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    Excellent Because Its Healthy I love this recipe, Thumbs up!

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