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Kaju Katli Barfi

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photo by Kavita Sanwal

250 grams Cashew nut
Cashew nut Cashew nut is a delicious sweet and crunchy delight. It has a rich flavor and is also a popular snack. It can be eaten raw, roasted, salted, sugared, etc. Cashew is used to enhance the flavor in both sweet and savory dishes....
  • maranon
  • Sal
  • kaju
1/2 cups sugar
sugar Sugar is small, sweet, grainy white cubes which is used in many beverages and dishes to add sweet flavor. Now a days many types of sugar can be found in market, it can be of white or brown color....
  • cheeni
2 teaspoons chironji
Also known as : Cuddapah Almond
Chironji are tiny almond-flavored dried seeds. These oval-shaped seeds are beige in color. The seeds are slightly flattened and cultivated across India. Though it is primarily used as a cooking spice, it's other common use is in sweets. Also, its powdered form is used in thickening sauces, flavoring batters and...
  • chironji
1/4 cups Water
Water Water is a universally used ingredient, available all around us. In cooking its best to use fresh filter water. Visible Impurities in water can easily be identified by seeing it inside a glass or bottle in front of a well lit background. Water is used to moist, boil or cook...
  • agua
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  • pani
Milk Powder Milk Powder is dehydrated milk. It has a long shelf time. It is easy to transport. Is used in the process of making various products like ice-cream, infant formula and milk chocolate....
  • leche en Polvo
  • Sal
  • doodh ka powder
Ghee Tracing its roots to ancient India, Ghee is a vital element of the Indian culinary. A traditional Indian dish or dessert essentially contains Ghee. It has a rich, nutty like aromatic flavor. Also at times Ghee is added to a dish or dessert once it is cooked and ready to...
  • Ghee
About The Chef
Lives in : Nainital India I enjoy cooking Chinese and am here to share my recipes and discoveries of food. I can speak Japanese fluently and am trying to learn Japanese cuisine now.

Kaju Katli Barfi

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Kaju barfi has been one of my favorite sweets since I was a kid - I made this on Shivrati festival this time around and found it surprisingly easy. The taste was also great and I did not use any Ghee or Dalda which I suspect is used in commercial version.
Main Preparation Steps
  • Take 250gm cashew nuts and roast them on a low flame for till they turn crunchy .Cool them separately.

  • Add roasted cashews to a blender and make a fine powder. Break the lumps and keep the mixture aside.

  • Add sugar and water to a non stick pan and begin to boil the syrup over medium flame .Stir it until mixture starts to turn little sticky.

  • Reduce the flame and add cashew powder and Chiraunji powder in syrup.

  • Mix the powder properly.Cook until the mixture thickens and turns into single lump.

  • Turn off the flame and let it cool for sometime.

  • Transfer the prepared mixture to some greased surface and make a smooth dough.If the dough is little wet add 2-3 spoons of milk powder to dry it.

  • With a rolling pin roll it out in a round shape .Cut it through knife into your desired shape and Keep it to cool for 1 hour.

  • Kaju katli is ready to eat.

Garnishing Ideas
  • Garnish with edible silver foil (varak )
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Review by Posted 01 Jun, 2016
  • excellent

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