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Jambul and Almond shake

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  1. drinks and beverages
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photo by Kanch Jindal

1 cups Jamun pulp
Black Plum Black plum is a fleshy purple-black color skin and sharp sour-sweet flavor. It has an acidic taste which is usually minimized by adding salt to it. The fruit is eaten as it is as it has low shelf life....
  • negro ciruela
  • Sal
  • kaale ber
    (काले बेर)
pinch black salt
black salt ...
  • Kala Namak
5-6 pieces Almond
Almond Almond is available all year round and it is consumed all over the world. Almond is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Roast, fry, powder or blanch it for different flavor. Various dishes use almonds such as stew, curry, pie, cake, brownie, cookie, smoothies, etc. ...
  • almendra
  • Badaam
    ( बादाम)
2 heap tablespoon Inverted sugar syrup
Inverted sugar syrup Inverted sugar syrup is a mixture of fructose and glucose. It is made by splitting sucrose into glucose and fructose. It is sweeter and its products tend to retain moisture....
  • Sal
Crushed ice Crushed ice is used in many beverages, such as cocktails, smoothies and juices for the fast cooling. The rate of cooling can be governed by the size of the crushed ice....
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    Jambul and Almond shake

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    Refreshing drink. Jambul is also known in many other names like Plum, Jambul, Jamun, Jaman, Black Plum, Faux Pistachier, Indian Blackberry, Jambol, Doowet, Jambolan and Jambolão.
    • Put all the ingredients in a mixer and mix well.

    • Pour in glasses and its ready to drink.

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    Excellent Because Its Healthy I love this recipe, Thumbs up!

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