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Honey Chilli Potatoes

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  1. Chinese Cuisine
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photo by Mansi Malhotra

3 pieces potato
potato Potatoes are most integral part of vegetable supply in the world .They are starchy and tuberous with high water content. They are of various shape and size . They can be baked, boiled, fried, roasted , steamed, mashed, placed in salads ,with or without the peel . it...
  • la patata
  • Sal
  • aalu
2 pieces onion
onion Onion is a popular root vegetable with a sharp flavor that can boost the aromatic flavor of meats and vegetables almost instantly. Available worldwide, onions are easy to grow and have a long shelf life. When chopped an onion release Sulfar gas which makes humans tear . There are...
  • cebolla
  • Sal
  • Pyaj
2 pieces red chili powder
red chili powder Red chili powder is the powdered form of dried red chilies. It is either grounded extremely fine or it is grounded thick in the form of small or big flakes. The intensity of hotness of the chili is dependent on the dried red chilies and its origin. Popularly consumed in...
  • Lal mirch powder
    (लाल मिर्च पाउडर)
2 table spoon Honey
Honey Honey is a sweet nectar made by bees from flowers. It is healthy and a natural sweetener. It is thick and works well with sweet dishes and some savory dishes. Honey is also a preferred choice of sweetener in beverages. ...
  • shahad
    ( शहद)
2 teaspoons salt
Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
  • sal
  • Sal
  • namak
2 teaspoon white pepper
white pepper White pepper are the small-sized seeds of a pepper plant. The dark colored skin of the seed is removed and then the white pepper is used. It has a mild flavor and a smooth skin. White pepper is often used in cream sauces, salads and mashed potatoes. Chinese, Indian and...
    1 table spoon Sesame seeds
    Sesame seeds Sesame seed is an edible seed that is grown in hot and dry places. These healthy seeds are small in size and bursting with flavor. Most popular varieties include white sesame and black sesame seeds, used in many East Asian cuisines. Sesame oil is derived from these seeds and is...
    • til ke beej
      (तिल के बीज)
    1 table spoon soy sauce
    soy sauce Soy sauce is also known as soya sauce in many countries. Soy sauce's main element is soybeans and is reddish-brown in color. It is used generally in Chinese dishes and also in the Indian version of Chinese food such as macaroni and noodles....
      1 table spoon Red Chilli Sauce
      Red Chilli Sauce ...
        1/2 cups green onion
        green onion
        Also known as : scallion
        Green onion is also known as spring onion. It has hollow green leaves and onion like bulbs which are not fully developed. It looks like smaller version of onions and has a milder taste than most onions. It is usually used in soups, stew, casserole, salads, seafood and sandwiches....
        • cebollitas
        • Sal
        • Hara Pyaaj
          (हरा प्याज)
        2 cups vegetable oil
        vegetable oil Vanaspati is also known as hydrogenated fat/ Ghee. It is an important and nutritional element of the Indian cuisine. It is hydrogenated from vegetable oil. It is rich in aroma and can be used as a substitute in cooking and baking snacks and sweets. It is usually favored for deep...
        • aceite vegetal
        • vanaspati
        About The Chef
        Lives in : Jaipur India Entrepreneur by profession, writer by choice and food fanatic by accident.

        Honey Chilli Potatoes

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        A blend of sweet & spicy! Can be served as a side dish with noodles or rice, or can also be served as an appetizer.
        • Peal and longitudinally slice the potatoes. Fry them in hot oil and leave aside to let them come down to room temperature.

        • Meanwhile, separately soak the sesame seeds in water till you make all other preparations.

        • Longitudinally chop onions in thin slices and in a separate dish saute them till light pink.

        • Add soy sauce, red chilli sauce and water in a cup and mix well. Add this sauce mixture to the onions and mix.

        • Add potatoes to the onions and add salt.

        • Once potatoes are mixed with the sauces and onions, add the sesame seeds to the dish and mix well.

        • Cook for about 2 minutes till you feel the sauces have covered the potatoes and take off the stove. Cover it with a lid and leave aside for about 3-4 minutes so that the potatoes can soak the flavors.

        • Top with honey along with white pepper and mix well.

        • Tear the red chilli and add to the dish. Use the green onion leaves for garnish. (Optional)

        Recipe notes

        The proportions of spices and honey will vary depending on how sweet or spicy you want your dish to be. If you want to serve it as a main dish, you can add a water to the onions and in the end use a little cornflour to thicken the gravy.

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