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Green Tea with Mint Amm Panna

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photo by Aditya Bajaj

3 heap teaspoon Green Tea
Green Tea Consumed in both hot and cold form. Can also be used in other recipes to add bitter flavor with health benefits....
  • Hari Chai patti
4 heap teaspoon Raw mango
Raw mango Mango in its earlier stage is very sour to eat and is excellent ingredient for pickle. Raw mango is also used in its boil form to add flavor to many beverages. It is also very popular as pickle and jams....
  • Kacha Aam
    3 heap teaspoon sugar
    sugar Sugar is small, sweet, grainy white cubes which is used in many beverages and dishes to add sweet flavor. Now a days many types of sugar can be found in market, it can be of white or brown color....
    • cheeni
    2 heap tablespoon sugar syrup
    sugar syrup the traditional syrup is a thick liquid containing a solution of sugar in water. It is used in many dishes such as pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, cookies and other sweet delicacies....
    • chasni
    2 heap teaspoon Powdered sugar
    Powdered sugar
    Also known as : Caster sugar
    Powdered sugar is very fine sugar. One can easily make it at home by grinding the normal sugar in mixer or with the help or grinder. Powdered sugar is also known as icing sugar and is used mostly in desserts as ingredient or as topping mixed with cream....
    • Pissi hui cheeni
    pinch Roasted cumin
      1 heap teaspoon red chili powder
      red chili powder Red chili powder is the powdered form of dried red chilies. It is either grounded extremely fine or it is grounded thick in the form of small or big flakes. The intensity of hotness of the chili is dependent on the dried red chilies and its origin. Popularly consumed in...
      • Lal mirch powder
        (लाल मिर्च पाउडर)
      1 pieces mind leaf
        2 cups Crushed ice
        Crushed ice Crushed ice is used in many beverages, such as cocktails, smoothies and juices for the fast cooling. The rate of cooling can be governed by the size of the crushed ice....
          1 heap teaspoon salt
          Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
          • sal
          • Sal
          • namak
          About The Chef
          Lives in : New Delhi India British / Indian - guy currently living in New Delhi , I grow my own basil, thyme and oregano my favorite three ingredients. Like to live organic/ healthy and cook as much as possible. Currently on a journey of world cuisine with

          Green Tea with Mint Amm Panna

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          Recipe credits go to Anamika Sigh, one of the founders of Anandinihimalayatea  who introduced me to my first few recipes of cooking with tea and has opened a world of new possibilities in my own food journey. While the taste is a borderline between yum and sour this a refreshingly new mix that has is perfect for a lazy summer afternoons .
          To prepare the tea
          • Add Two teaspoons of the tea leaves into a pot Pour 200 ml

          • of hot water over it. Let it infuse for 30 minutes , Strain , let it cool and

          • keep aside.

          To prepare Aam Panna
          • Take the mango, roast it over the fire , Remove the brown skin.

          • Remove the pulp from the seed and blend it. In a bowl take the pulp, keep aside

          Putting it together
          • Take a glass martini martini glass if possible and rim it with the chilli, salt and sugar
          • Add crushed ice to the glass. Spoon in the green mango medley .
          • Step-3

            infusion, sugar syrup, ping of the salt and cumin with the green tea. Mix well and serve cold

          • Step-3
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