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Green chutni

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photo by Anand Moholick

100 grams Hara Dhaniya
Coriander leaves Coriander leaves also known as cilantro are tender, aromatic and absolutely green in color. They add a unique freshness and flavor to the recipes and are added raw once the recipe is completely prepared, as heat spoils the flavor and aroma of the leaves. Coriander leaves are loved as a...
  • Sal
  • Hara Dhaniya
    ( हरा धनिया)
Basil Basil is a popular culinary herb that is easy to grow and can be added to almost any meat or Veg dish to give it an instant taste boost. This plant leaf is identified by its unique refreshing aroma; the color ranges from light green to purple depending upon the...
  • Basilio
50 grams Pudhina
Peppermint peppermint is the oldest, most popular form of mint used in culinary. Used widely confectionery, tea's and popular alcoholic mixers . Originally a hybrid of watermint and spearmint, this refreshing herb is easily available around the world....
  • menta
  • Pudhina
50 grams Peanuts
Peanuts Peanut is a popular and is available easily in many countries. This is a versatile nut used to add crunchiness and buttery flavor in both sweet and savory diseases. It is commonly eaten raw, roasted, fried and salted. Peanuts are also extracted into oils. Peanut butter is one of the...
  • maní
  • Sal
  • moongaphalee
3 pieces green chillies
green chillies Green chilli is the raw and fresh form of green chilli and is the most common ingredient in south-Asian dishes. It has hot peppery taste and is used to add spicy zing in the savory dishes and salads. It is also made into pickle....
  • Hari Mirchi
    (हरी मिर्च)
1 heap teaspoon salt
Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
  • sal
  • Sal
  • namak
1 heap teaspoon sugar
sugar Sugar is small, sweet, grainy white cubes which is used in many beverages and dishes to add sweet flavor. Now a days many types of sugar can be found in market, it can be of white or brown color....
  • cheeni
3-4 pieces Garlic
Garlic Garlic is known for its edible root bulb which has a pungent flavor. It is used in many cuisines around the world. Garlic is used in savory dishes to add strong aroma and flavor. ...
  • ajo
  • Sal
  • Lashun
2 pieces lemon
lemon Lemon grows on a small evergreen tree native to Asia. It is a big, yellow color fruit with a juicy flesh. Lemon has a sour taste and is easily available everywhere. It is used in both sweet and savory dishes to add tangy flavor. Even the skin is used...
  • Sal
  • nimboo
    ( नींबू)
About The Chef
Lives in : new delhi India I cook for the hungry technologists! I love to experiment with the Indian spices. I feel Indian spices have a lot of depth to them and I really like the warm earthy flavors of some of these spices. I try to apply my knowledge of Indian cooking to other cuisines as well.

Green chutni

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Dhaniya chutni or coriander source is one of those things I can't live without. This super awesome green source is just the best thing on the planet, it instantly changes the taste of anything you put it in and its also a staple side dish in most Punjabi dishes. I love mine to be pure and refine. This recipe took me a while to get to that perfect sight but i hope you like it.
  • Put everything in mixer.

  • Mix well for 5 mins.

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Excellent Because Its Healthy I love this recipe, Thumbs up!

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