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Dhaniya Fried Rice

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  1. Indian Cuisine
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photo by Toj Bhadur KC

1 cup rice
rice Starchy cereal grain consumed as a staple food across the world, good source of nutrition and fibre. Being a versatile grain it is used in both sweet and savory dishes like rice pudding, sushi, varieties from front white to black in color, long to small in size....
  • arroz
  • Sal
  • Chawal
Coriander leaves Coriander leaves also known as cilantro are tender, aromatic and absolutely green in color. They add a unique freshness and flavor to the recipes and are added raw once the recipe is completely prepared, as heat spoils the flavor and aroma of the leaves. Coriander leaves are loved as a...
  • Sal
  • Hara Dhaniya
    ( हरा धनिया)
1.5 pieces onion
onion Onion is a popular root vegetable with a sharp flavor that can boost the aromatic flavor of meats and vegetables almost instantly. Available worldwide, onions are easy to grow and have a long shelf life. When chopped an onion release Sulfar gas which makes humans tear . There are...
  • cebolla
  • Sal
  • Pyaj
4 pieces garlic cloves
garlic cloves Garlic is known for its edible root bulb which has a pungent flavor. It is used in many cuisines around the world. Garlic is used in savory dishes to add strong aroma and flavor. ...
  • ajo
  • Sal
  • Lashun
2 pieces Green chilli
Green chilli Green chilli is the raw and fresh form of green chilli and is the most common ingredient in south-Asian dishes. It has hot peppery taste and is used to add spicy zing in the savory dishes and salads. It is also made into pickle....
  • Hari Mirchi
    (हरी मिर्च)
1 teaspoon salt
Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
  • sal
  • Sal
  • namak
1 teaspoon Vinegar
Vinegar Historically , It was used as mild acid but now it is intensively used in culinary dishes to balance ph levels or to add a sour flavor to dishes. It is produced by fermenting ethanol . ...
    2 teaspoon cooking oil
    oil Oil can be found in every kitchen around the world. It is used in cooking, tempering, frying, replaces butter in many dishes. Oil has many types such as organic, vegetable, animal, etc....
      1 teaspoon soy sauce
      About The Chef
      Lives in : Argha Khan Chi Nepal I have been cooking professionally since 7 years now and the journey has been really exciting. I hail from Nepal and an expert in cooking Nepalese cuisine. Nepalese cuisine has a lot of influences from Tibetan, Indian and Chinese cuisines, making it an interesting mix of varied cooking styles.

      Dhaniya Fried Rice

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      This was an experimental dish I made when I was visiting Nanital, India -- It turned out so great that I just had to share it.
      • Clean the rice and soak for at least 20 minutes

      • Boil the rice till done and drain the excess water

      • Let the rice sit for 5-10 minutes

      • Chop the onion, garlic, coriander and green chilli while you wait for the rice to cool

      To fry the rice
      • Take a frying pan and heat the oil

      • saute the onions and garlic plus the green chilli for 2 minutes

      • Add the rice and shake it well till the ingredients mix well

      • add the salt and vinegar evenly and mix for another minute or two

      • Sprinkle the chopped coriander leaf on the rice and mix it well like fried rice

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      Excellent Because Its Healthy I love this recipe, Thumbs up!

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