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Dahi tadka - spicy yogurt

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  1. Indian Cuisine
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photo by Aditya Bajaj

For the curd
1 cups Yogurt
Yogurt Yogurt is a thick white semi solid outcome produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Available commercially worldwide, yogurt is loaded with a lot of nutrients thus making it a super healthy ingredient. A lot of varieties and variations to the basic yogurt are also available. Yogurt is also loved...
  • Sal
  • Dahi
1/2 pieces cucumber
cucumber Cucumber is a long, green color vegetable with a juicy flesh. It is available in most of the countries and is generally used in salads, juices, pickle, soup and dips. ...
  • el pepino
  • Sal
  • kheera
For the Tadka
2 teaspoons cooking oil
cooking oil Cooking Oil refers to a variety of edible oils that are used in culinary for shallow frying or deep frying. ...
    1/2 teaspoons Mustard seeds
    Mustard seeds Mustard seeds are tiny, black-brown or yellow colored seeds. They are pungent and peppery in taste. They are used in vegetables dishes, pickles and curries. Ground or whole seeds are mixed with vinegar to make mustard paste....
    • Las semillas de mostaza
    • Sal
    • sarson ke beej
      (सरसों के बीज)
    curry leaves Curry leaves most common use is to add flavor and aroma to the dish. It is generally added to the dish while tempering. Curry leaves is very much common in south-Asian households and is used in dishes like rasam, poha, kadhi....
    • kadi patta
    2 Basil
    Basil Basil is a popular culinary herb that is easy to grow and can be added to almost any meat or Veg dish to give it an instant taste boost. This plant leaf is identified by its unique refreshing aroma; the color ranges from light green to purple depending upon the...
    • Basilio
    About The Chef
    Lives in : New Delhi India British / Indian - guy currently living in New Delhi , I grow my own basil, thyme and oregano my favorite three ingredients. Like to live organic/ healthy and cook as much as possible. Currently on a journey of world cuisine with

    Dahi tadka - spicy yogurt

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    In India the "tadka" is a way of flavoring food by adding a small amount of spices fried in a spoon or two of oil.Adding this mixture to the base recipe gives it a great flavor boost. I tried my own variation with cucumber yogurt and the results were Mind-blowing. Now I use this as standalone meal every now and then.
    For the curd
    • Simply mix grated cucumber in the yogurt and give it a gentle swirl. Make sure you squeeze out the excess water from the cucumber once grated to ensure less watery content.

    for the tadka
    • In a small frying pan add 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and let it heat up

    • Lower the flame and add mustard seeds and curry leaves to the oil.

    • remove from the fire and add this to the curd

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    Review by Posted 01 Jun, 2016
    • excellent
    Healthy and easily available ingredients ! easy to make and yummy to eat

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