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Crispy Fish Fingers

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photo by adhirath kumar

Main Ingredients
1/2 kilogram Fish
Fish Fish is the staple ingredient in the coastal dishes, but it is not just limited to coastal areas. Thanks to transportation and refrigeration now one can have fish at any part of the world. Fish is considered to be a better option than chicken or any other meat due to...
  • Machli
For the batter
1/2 cups Water
Water Water is a universally used ingredient, available all around us. In cooking its best to use fresh filter water. Visible Impurities in water can easily be identified by seeing it inside a glass or bottle in front of a well lit background. Water is used to moist, boil or cook...
  • agua
  • Sal
  • pani
3 tablespoons corn flour
corn flour Cornmeal is of various types. The meal is ground from dried corn and is a staple food in many cultures. It\'s colour differs with each variety. Cornmeal adds more flavour and nutrition to recipes. It is often used in making bread and tortillas. Cornmeal is a widely used meal across...
  • makki ka atta
1/2 tablespoon salt
Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
  • sal
  • Sal
  • namak
1/2 tablespoon red chili powder
red chili powder Red chili powder is the powdered form of dried red chilies. It is either grounded extremely fine or it is grounded thick in the form of small or big flakes. The intensity of hotness of the chili is dependent on the dried red chilies and its origin. Popularly consumed in...
  • Lal mirch powder
    (लाल मिर्च पाउडर)
1/2 cups Corn
Corn Maize or corn is a staple food in most of the countries. Pop corn is one of the popular snack around the world. Corn is also used in extraction of oil or processed into flour. It commonly eaten boiled, steamed or baked....
  • Sal
  • makki
1/2 kilogram fish fillet
fish fillet Fish fillet is the longitudinal bony side of a fish. The fish fillet can be cooked in several ways. A simple way is to season it with pepper and salt and sauteing it. To get a crispy fish fillet, dip the fish in a mixture of egg, mustard, salt and...
  • Sal
For the batter
1 cups oil
oil Oil can be found in every kitchen around the world. It is used in cooking, tempering, frying, replaces butter in many dishes. Oil has many types such as organic, vegetable, animal, etc....
    About The Chef
    Lives in : Bhopal India sailor love to travel the world and make memories through food

    Crispy Fish Fingers

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    A weekend project credits to uncle gul
    Main Preparation Steps
    • Cut the fish into small strips and put it aside.

    • In a bowl beet the egg and mix cornflour with the spoon.

    • Crush the cornflour in pieces.I personally use heavy object for crushing.

    • Dip the fish in the cornflour batter.

    • Then cover it with cornflour pieces.

    • Deep fry the fish pieces in oil (medium heated).

    • Till it turns brown.

    • Drain and serve hot.

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