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Clear soup

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  1. Chinese Cuisine
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photo by HemRaj Thakur

chicken broth ...
    1 pieces garlic cloves
    garlic cloves Garlic is known for its edible root bulb which has a pungent flavor. It is used in many cuisines around the world. Garlic is used in savory dishes to add strong aroma and flavor. ...
    • ajo
    • Sal
    • Lashun
    1/2 teaspoon Ginger ( minced )
    Ginger Ginger is a hot, fragrant kitchen spice. It is an edible root which can be consumed as a delicacy, medicine or spice. It has a strong aromatic flavor and spicy taste that has been used since ancient times in Indian and Chinese cuisines. ...
    • Jengibre
    • Sal
    • Adrak
    3/4 teaspoon rice vinegar
    rice vinegar It is a staple for South East Asian Cooking. it contains low acetic acid which delivers a light flavor perfect for drizzle on salads and delicate vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers. ...
      1 teaspoon Brown Sugar
      Brown Sugar Brown sugar is granulated sugar, generally less granulated than white sugar ....
        1/2 pieces chicken breast
        chicken breast Chicken breast is the boneless part of the chicken. It is white in color and is dry. Generally used in soup or stewed, sometimes barbecued as well. It is also used in sandwiches as substitute to chicken salami....
          2 pieces scallion
          scallion Scallion is the preliminary form of onion before it takes its original form. Scallion is also known as spring onion, baby onion, green onion, salad onion, stick onion. Scallion is white in color and the other part of plant, the stem is also used in many dishes such as salads....
            1 pieces Lemon grass
            Lemon grass Lemongrass is a widely used herb in the Asian cuisine. It is native to tropical Asia and India. It is used in soups, curries, teas. It has a subtle, citrus flavor....
            • Sal
            1 pieces Green chilli
            Green chilli Green chilli is the raw and fresh form of green chilli and is the most common ingredient in south-Asian dishes. It has hot peppery taste and is used to add spicy zing in the savory dishes and salads. It is also made into pickle....
            • Hari Mirchi
              (हरी मिर्च)
            1/2 teaspoons salt
            Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
            • sal
            • Sal
            • namak
            1/4 teaspoon black pepper powder
            black pepper powder Pepper balls are crushed or freshly grounded to form black pepper powder. An instant seasoning that greatly enhances the taste of most sauces and cold dressings. An Essential ingredient for every kitchen, fresh black pepper is a healthy spice that is used widely worldwide. ...
            • kaalee mirch paudar
              (काली मिर्च पाउडर)
            About The Chef
            Lives in : New Delhi India I am an IT professional living in delhi and at leasure I leave my IT skills aside and try to mess around my kitchen. Cooking helps me relax.

            Clear soup

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            • Prep:
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            Clear soup is very simple and light. its is generally made with chicken broth
            • put broth , ginger , garlic, rice vinegar and brown sugar in a sauce pan and heat.

            • simmer the gas and stir constantly.

            • add chicken , scallions, lemon grass, red chilli and continue to simmer for 15to 20 min until chicken is cooked through.

            • taste and adjust the seasoning , remove the lemon grass

            • Add salt and pepper to taste

            • serve hot

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            Review by Posted 01 Jun, 2016
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