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classic bagel recipe

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  1. american cuisine
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photo by adhirath kumar

3 pieces bagel
bagel Bagel is very popular in America and is eaten as companion with many dishes. it is first boiled in water or honey to add honey flavor and other ingredients, then it is baked for a rich taste. Cranberry and orange bagels, Chipotle chilli and smoked cheddar bagels and Fig, walnut...
    2 pieces tomatoes
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    Cream cheese Cream cheese is derived when bacterias are added to a milk and cream mixture and then carefully balanced through different temperatures to achieve the creaminess. It is often flavoured with herbs, pepper or garlic which enhances its acidic flavour. It is generally eaten fresh with sweet and savory dishes....
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    About The Chef
    Lives in : Bhopal India sailor love to travel the world and make memories through food

    classic bagel recipe

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    I was in a bakery the other day when I saw some nice fresh bagels I just had to buy them. I made this recipe from memory of how my mom used to make it when I lived in the US . I had fresh basil at home which gives it that perfect finish.
    • Cut the bagels from the middle and split into sets of two
    • sprinkle the bagels with a little water and heat for 1 minute them from the inside out in a bagel toaster or toaster
    • Step-3

      rub cheese spread forgiving on the bagel and add 3 tomatoes to each bagel

    • Step-4

      also add 1 leaf of basil under each tomato adding to much basil can spoil the taste

    • Step-5

      sprinkle a little pepper and close the bagel put it in the toaster for about 3 minutes on medium heat.

    • Step-6

      remove and enjoy hot.

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    • Step-4
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    • Step-6
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    Review by Posted 30 May, 2016
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