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Chicken in Burbon whiskey with white Sauce

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  1. american cuisine
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photo by adhirath kumar

6 pieces Boneless Chicken
Boneless Chicken ...
    as per taste salt
    Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
    • sal
    • Sal
    • namak
    2 tablespoons White butter
    White butter it is usually prepared at home and is widely used in India , it has short shelf life and can be stored only for 2-3 days . ...
    • Ghar ka makkhan
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    vegetable oil Vanaspati is also known as hydrogenated fat/ Ghee. It is an important and nutritional element of the Indian cuisine. It is hydrogenated from vegetable oil. It is rich in aroma and can be used as a substitute in cooking and baking snacks and sweets. It is usually favored for deep...
    • aceite vegetal
    • vanaspati
    1/4 cups Bourbon
    Bourbon Bourbon is a type of barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. It lends a faint flavor of caramel, charcoal, vanilla and a light taste of wood. It is consumed as liquor as well in food dishes. ...
    • Bourbon
      (मकई की शराब)
    3 pieces Shallots
    Shallots Shallots look like small onions and have long tapered shape. It has milder flavor and aroma than onion. Shallot is used in salads, gravies, curries, chutney, stew or paste. It is also used as a topping in pizza and as filling in sandwiches and rolls....
      1/4 teaspoons Thyme
      Thyme Thyme is a delicate looking herb. It has a penetrating lemony fragrance. It is a wonderful addition to vegetable, , poultry and seafood. Thyme adds an intense flavor to the savory dishes and is generally added in the last to keep its flavor intact. ...
      • tomillo
      • Sal
      1/4 cups Parsley
      Parsley Parsley is one of the most popular herb. It has a delicious and vibrant taste. Parsley has a lot of healing properties. It is generally used as a garnish and to add flavor to the soup, stew, casserole and curry....
      • perejil
      • Sal
      1/2 cups Water
      Water Water is a universally used ingredient, available all around us. In cooking its best to use fresh filter water. Visible Impurities in water can easily be identified by seeing it inside a glass or bottle in front of a well lit background. Water is used to moist, boil or cook...
      • agua
      • Sal
      • pani
      1 cups cream
      cream Cream is the top waxy layer of the milk, produced after its refrigeration. Many recipes use cream to add buttery yet smooth flavor on consistency. Cream can also be used in desserts after adding sugar....
      • Malaee
      2 teaspoons Corn starch
      Corn starch ...
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        Lives in : Bhopal India sailor love to travel the world and make memories through food

        Chicken in Burbon whiskey with white Sauce

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        This was an experimental dish that I got from the net and fell in love with . The origional was made with Jack Daniels but I decided to make mine with Jim bean - The whiskey leaves a small touch while the final taste is wow . I hope you like it.
        • in a small bowl add the cornstarch and a little water together. Add the corn flour to the pan.
        • remove the chicken and add the cornflour to this pan
        • Simmer the sauce for further until thickened. Add the chicken back to the pan Season to taste with salt and pepper.
        • and the dish is ready.
        • Step-1

          Wash the chicken and let it soak in some water with 2 tablespoons of salt (brine)for about 20 minutes, Season both sides of chicken with salt and pepper.

        • Step-2

          Heat butter and oil in a large pan. Add chicken and cook on high heat until brown on both sides.

        • Step-3

          add 1/4 cup of Jim bean whiskey and ignite with a match or gas igniter

        • Step-4

          move the pan vigorously until the flame goes out or give it a little blow after about 60 seconds then add some onions and cook for a minute

        • Step-5

          add some dried thyme , parsely and 1/4 cup of water, Cover pan and cook over low heat for 25 minutes.

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        Excellent Because Its Healthy I love this recipe, Thumbs up!

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        Review by Aditya Bajaj Posted 25 May, 2016
        This gives me some crazy ideas for chicken tonight