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Boondi ka Raita

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  1. Indian Cuisine
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photo by Meetu koli

1 cup Yogurt
Yogurt Yogurt is a thick white semi solid outcome produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Available commercially worldwide, yogurt is loaded with a lot of nutrients thus making it a super healthy ingredient. A lot of varieties and variations to the basic yogurt are also available. Yogurt is also loved...
  • Sal
  • Dahi
1 handful boondi
boondi ...
    0.5 tablespoon Mustard seeds
    Mustard seeds Mustard seeds are tiny, black-brown or yellow colored seeds. They are pungent and peppery in taste. They are used in vegetables dishes, pickles and curries. Ground or whole seeds are mixed with vinegar to make mustard paste....
    • Las semillas de mostaza
    • Sal
    • sarson ke beej
      (सरसों के बीज)
    2 pieces curry leaves
    curry leaves Curry leaves most common use is to add flavor and aroma to the dish. It is generally added to the dish while tempering. Curry leaves is very much common in south-Asian households and is used in dishes like rasam, poha, kadhi....
    • kadi patta
    as per taste salt
    Also known as : sea salt , iodized salt
    • sal
    • Sal
    • namak
    About The Chef
    Lives in : South Delhi India I am food lover

    Boondi ka Raita

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    • Prep:
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    Boondi Raita With Roasted Mustard seed and curry leaves.
    • Dry roast mustard seeds on low flame till aromatic.Set aside. Similarly dry roast curry leaves till they turn crisp and all moisture is dried up. Set aside. (Tip - before roasting curry leaves wipe excess water using kitchen towel)

    • Once mustard seeds and curry leaves come to room temperature crush combined to coarse powder using mortar pestle/ rolling pin and chopping board. Store in airtight container for a week.

    • In a cup take yogurt and mix well to smooth and creamy consistency. Add salt and Boondi. Garnish with mustard and curry leaves powder.

    • Serve cold.

    Recipe notes

    Tip - before roasting curry leaves wipe excess water using kitchen towel

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    Review by Anoop trivedi Posted 10 Nov, 2016