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  • Poha Chivda in the Microwave recipe
    Poha Chivda in the Microwave When it comes to snacking, it is often difficult to draw the line, owing to the fact that most of is either spicy, or oily, or both…at least, usually when the snack in question is store-bought. One big step towards assuring quality and health is of course, to replicate it at home which is healthier and saves you the trouble of being dependent on store-bought stuff.

    Having grown up in Mumbai, I’ve had my share of ‘namkeen’ or savory tea-time snacks; mixtures made from fried potato slices, sago, poha or flattened rice, cornflakes, and much more. I don’t enjoy spicy mixtures, or ones that are sour or too salty, so this Poha Chivda with its sweet and salty flavor and the aroma of curry leaves, makes it one of my favorite snacks.

    This mixture is insanely easy to make. I went a step ahead and made this in the microwave, saving me from the pain of using too much oil. There is not much of a difference in the taste; deep friend poha will puff up and dry roasted or microwaved ones will be crisp without puffing up, not a whole lot of difference. It is best to use the ‘thick’ poha variety for this recipe, but if you’re unable to find those, the ‘thin’ variety would work too. Just roast them for a lesser amount of time. You can even sun-roast them for 2 to 3 hours, no need to use gas
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